So here's my story...

In early January 2019, I picked up my pencils again. I had not consistently created anything artistic in a long long time (like nearly a decade). Over the years, my friends would always ask, "Are you still doing your art?" and my response was never the truth...I was afraid of failing as an artist. Instead of being honest, I always responded with some lame-ass excuse about being "focused on blah blah blah". To be transparent, I always treated my God-given talent as an afterthought. You know, just something I did in my spare time, but not anymore. While lying in bed and doing some soul searching, I came to realize that I needed to truly accept who I am and my purpose. I am Derick Jackson, and above everything, I AM AN ARTIST and my purpose is to bring forth visual art as only I can.

With that said, I hope that you enjoy my art and be sure to "Put something DOPE on your walls"!